Taiwan Tongyong Pinyin is used in this text. There are differences between
                        Taiwan Tongyong Pinyin and PRC Hanyu Pinyin, mainly in four respects:

                                    1. J,Q,X, Zh,Ch,Sh in Hanyu Pinyin are replaced by Ji,Ci,Si, Jh,Ch,Sh in Taiwan
                                       Pinyin respectively.

                         2. The sound [y] is differentially represented as "u,ü ,yu" in Hanyu Pinyin. Yet it is
                              noted as "yu" only in Taiwan Pinyin

                         3. zhi,chi,shi,ri,zi,ci,si in Hanyu Pinyin are replaced by zhih,chih,shih,rih,zih,cih,
                             sih in Taiwan Pinyin respectively.

                                   4. weng,wen, feng in Hanyu Pinyin are replaced by wong,wun, fong in Taiwan
                                       Pinyin respectively.

                                   Based on the differences described above, the syllables are also different as shown
                                   on the following table : TP = Taiwan Pinyin ; HP = Hanyu Pinyin

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