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Amis Harvest Ritual  
  Date:15th of August
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The Amis hold harvest rituals celebrate the harvest of crops.
Place: Hualien County, Taitung County
Tel: 03-8234531, ext. 370 (Hualien County, Aboriginal Administration)
08-9841520 ext. 1800 (East Coast National Scenic Area)

The Amis are Taiwan's largest aborigine tribe, living in the valleys and coastal plains of eastern Taiwan, majorly located at Hualien, Taitung, and Pingtung Counties. The whole tribe can be divided into three major clans according to differences in geographical locations, customs, and phonetics, namely the Northern Amis, The Central Amis, and the Southern Amis. The Amis began to use oxen in cultivating paddies relatively early. Fishing is an important part of their economy, but hunting is now solely recreational. In Amis society, kinship is matrilineal, but men's clubs are well organized.

The Amis hold harvest rituals from the south to the north from July to August to celebrate the harvest of crops. Originally, the Harvest Rituals were held to celebrate the harvest of millet and to show respect to the ancestors. But now, the Amis have changed to grow rice. Therefore, when rice is ripe for reaping, it is time for the Amis to start the Harvest Rituals. In recent years, at the encouragement of the government, a Joint Harvest Ritual of the forty villages of the East Coast is annually held, with duration of one to seven days. Singing and dancing are observed in the celebrations.
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