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The Ceremony of Chiniangma's Birthday of Tainan Kailung Temple  
  Date:7th of July (Lunar calendar)
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The ceremony of "turning 16 years of age" is held to celebrate the children's arrival at adulthood.
Place: Kailung Temple, No. 56, Lane 79, Chungshan Road, Tainan City
Tel: 06-2212137

The legend tells that Chiniangma is the Weaving Maid, the seventh daughter of the Jade Emperor, and is also called seven-star mothers. It is said that Chiniangma is the goddess to protect children under 16, and if the children grow up safely, parents often go to the temple to express thanks to the goddess when their children reach the age of 16. Tainan Kailung Temple holds the ceremony of "turning 16 years of age" celebrating the children's arrival at adulthood on the birthday of Chiniangma, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year. The coming-of-age rite of "turning 16" is a unique feature of Tainan and different from other coming-of-age rites for children coming to the age of 20.

During the ceremony of "turning 16", the children have to pass under a miniature Chiniangma pagoda made of bamboo and paper, which is held up high by their parents, as a ritual passage to adulthood. After that, the pagoda will be burned for dedicating to Chiniangma. In addition, the grandmother will prepare new clothes, shoes, gold pieces, watches, bicycles, sewing machines and foods and give a banquet for their grandchildren.
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