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Ching Shan Wang Ritual at Meng Chia  
  Date:October 20-23 of the Lunar Calendar Activities Information
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Chia Chiang are the judge of the good and the evil and responsible for guarding good people against evil and danger.
Place: Ching Shan Temple at Wanhua, 218, Section 2, Kuei-yang Street, Taipei
  By Bus: Go to Tsushih Temple by bus routes 0 West, 205, 218, 302, 601, 635, 637
Tel: 02-23822296

Alias Ching Shan Palace or Ching Shan Mansion, Ching Shan Temple was built in 1856 (6th Year of Emperor Hsian Feng of the Ching Dynasty). The temple mainly worships Lin-an Chun Wang, or simply Ching Shan Wang. According to the legend, in 1854 (4th year of Emperor Hsian Feng of the Ching Dynasty) a fisherman from Huei An County, Chuan Chou Fu, Fujian, invited Lin-An Chun Wang from the temple at his hometown by Yi Hsiang to Meng Chia. He landed at Wang Kung Kao (near the second water gate at the end of Zhangsha Street now) and went along the Old Street (Section 1 of Ziyuan Road now). Suddenly, the god’s carriage became very heavy and he could not lift it. The fisherman then burn incense and asked for the god’s opinion. As the god conveyed to the fisherman that he wanted to resided at the location, the fisherman did not go any further. On that site, he built a small temple to worship the god and beg for peace and prosperity. Back then, a plague was torturing Meng Chia; both people and animals were infected with it. Death was everywhere. However, the people that came to worship the god could be exempt from the disaster; likewise, his worshippers became more and more.

On October 23 of the Lunar Calendar, it is the birthday of the Ching Shan Wang and the Meng Chia region will celebrate the event with a big temple fair. On October 20 and 21, Ching Shan Wang will take his troops to inspect the region in plain clothes. On the 22nd, there will be a grand inspection tour around the district activity. On that day each year, a great temple parade will be held. The pageant will tour around the region, which will be packed with the people, making the place lively. This temple fair can be compared with the inspection tour of Cheng Huang Ritual of Hsia Hai Cheng Huang Temple and the Emperor Pao Sheng Ritual at Taitaocheng. They are renowned as the three major temple fairs in Taipei, the major religious events in the district!
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